Dream Team Recognition Campaign 17 2018

Believe in yourself

Congratulations Beauty Bosses on another Awesome Campaign!!  Our total unit sales for this Campaign was $3,797 which makes our YTD Sales $67,219 – The Dream Team is now 68 Reps strong! Great job team! ❤

New Representatives  who joined in C17 – Welcome to the Dream Team!!

Ashley Stickler – Fontana, CA

Meagan Fama – La Verne, CA

Lesley Neira – Duarte, CA

Erica Frith – Fair Oaks, CA

Stefanie Martinez, Lake Forest, CA

Sheena Weaver, Mission Viejo, CA

Miyako Koseki, Scottsdale, AZ

New Representatives placing their first order

Meagan Fama – $33

Now for some well deserved recognition-

Our #1 in sales goes to Maggie Coffin with $577 in Award Sales, congratulations Maggie!

Congratulations to our New Promoter, Jan Ortega- she signed up 3 New Representatives in Campaign 17! I see a Bronze Ambassador title in your near Jan with a nice BIG bonus!!

$500 Club – Campaign 17

Maggie Coffin – $577

$300 Club Campaign 17

Janet Stumpfhauser – $329

Christina McLeary – $321

$200 Club – Campaign 17

Desiree David – $282

Hanne Lohde – $240

$100 Club – Campaign 17

Judy Forsyth – $182

Ronna Kincaid – $155

Jan Ortega – $142

Melissa Emry – $140

Julie Poncy – $140

Margit Janossy – $112

Barbara Todd – $107

Mary Kohler – $103

Brenda Hanshaw – $102

Top 3 Sales Campaign 17 – New Representatives (LOA 0-7)

Melissa Emry – $140

Barbara Todd – $107

Meagan Fama – $33

Top 3 eStore Sales Campaign 17

Maggie Coffin – $148.82

Melissa Emry – $86.79

Mary Kohler – $79.96

*Share the Love* $10 New Rep Program ends Aug 20th

If you know someone who is interested in joining our team, have them also sign up at http://www.startavon.com  they will need to enter your reference code- what is your reference code?  Example – My Reference Code is: ASWAVING (see below)

reference caode

If you are unsure what your reference code is, please reach out to me. You will receive an email a few minutes after your referral signs up. If you do not receive the email, contact me right away and I can call Leadership Desk to make sure the person is linked with you.


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5 Tips on Managing your Avon Business Part Time


Whether you’re a busy mom looking  to earn extra money so you can stay at home with your kids, or you work full time and need extra income to buy a car (like me!) we all have what we call “our why” for joining Avon.

So how can you manage your Avon Business part time?

First of all, Avon (the company) makes it easy for us to be successful. They provide us with the tools needed to learn about the products we sell. There’s the Avon U (University) training that is free to you once you sign up to sell Avon. The training courses are fun and interactive and best of all, you do them at your own pace. A lot of Avon Representatives work and sell Avon. I fall into that category and it works very well for me. I find that because Avon makes it so easy for us to be successful,  I can easily fit it into my life style. Since I am my own boss, I decide what hours I work my Avon business. Who doesn’t love that?! With Avon Social, at your fingertips (literally) you have pre-made posts that you schedule ahead of time on Social Media. Best of all, you can connect them to your Avon page (You’ll want to create a business page to promote Avon) you can add product information with a link that goes straight your online store. I told you Avon makes it easy! Of course you will have to do some of the work which means, handing out catalogs, delivering orders and following up with your customers and also checking in on them once in a while to see if they are ready to re-order their favorite products. Good communication is key to being  a successful Avon Representative.  Customers love to feel special. If you go the extra mile, they will be very loyal!!


#1 – Figure out your best working time –

Once you have determined the best time of  day that fits into your busy schedule,  make the most of your time. If it’s the weekend, it’s a perfect time to hop on over to Avon Social and schedule your post for the whole week (this can be easily done in 20-30 minutes)

#2 – Educate yourself-

Avon University makes this so easy! Once you complete the orientation course, you’ll want to visit the Resource Library where you can learn about fundraising, product information, the road to President’s Club and more.  When you are faced with a customer question, you will feel more confident knowing you have the answer! The most common questions are related to skin care so I recommended starting there.

#3 – Follow Up with your customers – 

This is quite possibly the most important thing you can do to be a successful Avon Representative. If you gave a catalog to someone, you will want to follow up to see if they are ready to order. If you are only selling Avon Online, the same rule applies. Send a follow up email to remind them to place their order.

#4 – Invest in Samples –

Turn Samples into Sales. It pays to invest in samples if you want to grow your Avon business. Skincare samples are my favorite choice because once you have skincare customers, you can place them on Auto-Refill.

#5 – Start your own Avon Team – 

In addition to earning extra money selling Avon, you can also earn money recruiting! With the current New Representative Program, you can earn a $50 bonus in your first 7 Campaigns if you sign up a QNR (Qualified New Recruit) there is no limit to the number of representatives you can sign up. In addition to the bonus, you will earn a sponsoring bonus on their sales. Keep recruiting and keep earning cash bonuses!

So are you ready to sign up to sell Avon?

Signing up to sell Avon Online is as easy as 1-2-3!

It takes just 5 minutes to sign up! Fill out the registration form and choose your kit. For as little as $25 you can get started and become an official Avon Representative!

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Follow these easy steps to get started-

  1. Go to startavon.com
  2. Enter Reference Code: ASWAVING
  3. Register your Avon account at myavon.com and create the URL for your Online eStore

Your Avon kit will arrive in 3-5 business days. Once you are all signed up, you will receive an important email communication from me. I will also reach out to you directly to welcome you to our Avon Dream Team.

join avon

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