My Avon Story

Hi! I started my Avon Journey in 2011 during a life changing event. After 23 years of marriage I made a very serious and scary decision to move out and live on my own. Living in Beautiful OC California-SINGLE, wasn’t going to be an easy task. But one I was determined to embark upon. Once I was settled into my new surroundings finding my way, my 2001 F-found O-on R-road D-dead Taurus was literally just that. Ack!! This was NOT a great time for me financially to be burdened with the cost of repairing a car. Turns out, the repairs were way over my budget for the month and I was pretty much in a dire situation. Without a car, I wouldn’t be able to go to work everyday and, if I couldn’t go to work everyday I couldn’t pay my bills! Eek!  I made the decision to trade in my car and go with a lease, which was more affordable for me than purchasing a new car. It turned out to be a very good decision!

Meet my Sonata! I was in love at first sight! This was my first NEW car! Yeah!



You are probably asking yourself “what does this car have to do with Avon?!” Well… my next dilemma was having enough money every month to make the payment!! I almost instantly thought of signing up to become an Avon Representative. I grew  up around Avon. My mother was an Avon fanatic! I have vivid memories of mom coming home from work with a bag of Avon and always.. a little something for me! I think I had all the solid fragrance pins Avon ever sold. I wish I knew where they are today because they are very collectable!  How many of you remember these? Aren’t they adorable?


Anyways, not only DID I earn enough money to pay for my new car every month, I met so many wonderful people and made a few GREAT friends along the way. Fast forward to today (April 2016) I am a successful Avon Representative with my own Avon team!! I’ve upgraded to a newer, fancier car.. one with bells and whistles (I never really knew what that meant but I know it’s something I want to keep!) My next goal is to “one day” do Avon full time – crossing my fingers

If you think Avon could be the right fit for you and you would like to join my team for $25.00  You can sign up online provide your personal information and you’re an Avon Rep! You will receive your starter kit in the mail in 5-7 business days. It’s that easy! What are you waiting for?