Dream Team Recognition Campaign 19 2019


Congratulations Beauty Bosses on a successful Campaign 19!  Our total unit sales for this Campaign was $2,411 which makes our YTD Sales $56,040 – Great job team! ❤

Now on to some well-deserved recognition-

Our #1 in sales goes to Maggie Coffin with $333 in Award Sales! Congratulations Maggie!!

$300 Club – Campaign 19

Maggie Coffin – $333

$200 Club – Campaign 19

Janet Stumpfhauser – $266

Christina McLeary – $251

Barbara Todd – $216

$100 Club – Campaign 19

Mary Lou Moreno – $192

Judy Forsyth – $153

Hanne Lohde – $137

Ronna Kincaid – $121

Nina Jones – $108

Representatives who submitted a order in Campaign 19

Carolyn Marshal

Delia Moreo

Maricel Powell

Irene Garibay

Cathy Meginnis

Rhonza Judd

Elizabeth Liptak

Sharon Gerken

Lenore Marmone

Amy Nobbe

Kimberly Duran

Top 3 eStore Sales Campaign 19

Barbara Todd – $89.96

Maricel Powell – $47.98

Cathy Meginnis – $42.97


If you know someone who is interested in joining our team, have them sign up at http://www.startavon.com  they will need to enter your reference code- what is your reference code?  Example – My eStore URL is http://www.youravon.com/ASWAVING so MY Reference Code is: ASWAVING

If you are unsure what your reference code is, please reach out to me. You will receive an email a few minutes after your referral signs up. If you do not receive the email, contact me right away and I can call Leadership Desk to make sure the person is linked with you.

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If prompted, use Reference Code: ASWAVING