Tips for being a successful Avon Representative


Tips for being a successful Avon Beauty Boss-

1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable – it’s not always easy to walk up to a stranger and offer them an Avon Brochure! We’ve probably ALL had those moments! I can tell you from experience, it gets easier and easier. The worst thing they can say is “no thanks” – Most people will happily accept the brochure and some get really excited about it! Don’t be offended if someone says no, just simply wish them a nice day and move on to the next potential customer!

2.Ask for referrals – I let my current customers know I love referrals and will give them a free gift if they share their brochure with a friend or family member and they place an order with me. This doesn’t have to be anything super expensive – everyone loves our SSS hand creams and right now they are on sale for $1.99 (it’s a great time to stock up)
You can include an extra brochure in their order to share with a friend or ask them to share their brochure once they are done with it. Economically this makes the most sense but some customers are protective of their catalogs! Ha-

3. Use Social Media to promote your Avon Business – Avon has made this super easy for us with the Avon SMC App (Social Media Center) Once you download the App and sign in with your Avon account number, you will see that Avon created pre-made posts for you to share. You can share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and, you can also text them! Just scroll through the posts finding one you like, then simply tap the way you want to share it and follow the next steps. Because you signed in with your Avon account number, the posts you share will automatically be directed to your personal website. There’s no need to enter your URL – Avon has done it for you! It’s really that simple! Let your customers know they can view the Full Color Catalogs at your Online eStore and don’t forget to tell them to add a complimentary catalog at checkout! A new catalog, may mean another online order!

4. Do the work – Money doesn’t grow on trees—and neither do sales. It sounds simple, but if you want to see results, you have to put in the time to make things happen. When you are your own boss, nothing is going to happen if you don’t take action. The most common excuse I hear from people who give up is that they didn’t make any money. But when I ask them what actions they took, they usually don’t have much to say. You can’t be surprised you didn’t make any money if you didn’t put much time aside for your business. It takes time to build your business but once you have a solid base, your hard work will pay off.

5. Have fun!! I have meet some really wonderful people and made a few great friendships both as a Representative and a Leader. I still get excited every time those boxes show up at my door. We represent an amazing company 130+ years strong and it keeps getting better and better. So enjoy this opportunity and have fun!


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