Dream Team Recognition Campaign 4 2018


Congratulations to everyone on another great Campaign!! Our total unit sales this Campaign were $3,276 which makes our YTD Sales, $13,112 The Dream Team is now 50 Reps strong! Great job team! Keep up the good work!! ❤

Now for some well deserved recognition-

Our #1 in sales goes to Brenda Hanshaw with $369.00 in Award Sales – Good job lady!! You’re really growing your Avon business in a BIG way this year!

Top 5 in Sales Campaign 4

Brenda Hanshaw – $369

Sylvia Foos – $240

Vera Baker – $234

Maggie Coffin – $220

Mary Lou Moreno – $213


Top  Sales Campaign 4 – New Representatives (LOA 0-7)

Sylvia Foos – $240

Top 3 eStore Sales Campaign 4

Jan Ortega – $49.00

Joshua McCafferty– $42.97

Regina Bast – $41.94


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